Outdoor advertising is our means

OOH: Out of home


Where the whole world sees it, where there are more people, where you are most visible, where you get your campaigns to have more coverage with more repetition: on the outside, on the street, on the road, where is your audience, where are your clients, where have you to be present, where is the outdoor advertising.


As it has been done throughout the history of humanity, with posters, billboards, monopods, mupis, with signage, with tarpaulins, in short, with ads of multiple sizes and measures, in the most efficient advertising media, in the advertising space offered by outdoor advertising.


When you need it, be it to signal your sales centers, to improve your brand image, to promote your products or to install them in the precincts of your sales centers. Whenever you want to communicate effectively with your audience in campaigns of long or short duration you have at your service to outdoor advertising.


We are a young company, formed by a group of people with more than 25 years of experience in various companies in the sector.

Our specialty is to provide the most appropriate solution to clients when they have to cover their communication and marketing needs in our environment.

We give all the necessary service to the client to solve the where, the how and when.

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